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You probably spend more time at work than anywhere else, so it makes sense that you enjoy it, right? At Velocity we love our jobs, and we believe you deserve to love yours too.

We empower jobseekers who are starting their career, moving up the ranks, or taking the plunge into a whole new calling. We don’t offer cookie-cutter recruitment solutions though. We play to your needs, strengths and expectations – no one else’s. We choose good old-fashioned family values, and with that comes old-school customer service with a smile. We’re over-achievers who bend over backwards to consistently deliver. We don’t just set out to get a job done; we are exceptional in everything we do and we’re lucky enough to hear this from our clients and candidates. We’re small, but we work and play on the largest stage. We’re diverse in both the roles we fill and the people we work with and find work for. We’re honest – our very existence is built on integrity and trust – and we do what we say we’re going to do, every time. But most importantly, we love what we do and we have fun doing it. We’re privileged to be involved with so many career journeys, and we can’t wait to start the journey on yours.


“ Chelsea was very quick to find me work which matched my needs and requests. Not only did she listen to what I had to say but was also so friendly and helpful too. I am very happy to have signed up with Velocity and would definitely recommend the agency to friends. ”


By: Jack Comben

“ I have been with Velocity for 9 months now and what an awesome experience so far! They were able to sign me up and the next week I was placed in a temporary roll.

Within the 9 months we had the big Earthquake, Nov 2016. It was a traumatic time and we were off work for a week, as temps we do not get the allowance or benefits of "free-money" in this instance because we didn't work and although it was a natural disaster the company didn't want to pay us.

The communication between us as employees and Velocity is amazing. They keep in touch with you every month, check in on you, and even sends you surprises to whatever company you are at. They send you reminders when you haven't completed your time sheet!!

Velocity and it's staff are amazing! Hats off to Jessica who continues to look after me and everyone else really well!!

Top shelf work Velocity. Definitely recommend them to anyone. ”


By: Emily Tunupopo

“ They are always at the end of the phone to assist with anything required. ”

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“ All's well - thanks for the placement opportunity! ”


By: Jeremy Spruyt

“ I've mentioned to several people how pleased I am with Velocity's proactivity and communication—which are fantastic, and much better than any other agency I've dealt with. Jessica, my agent, is kind, patient, and friendly and makes me feel that I'm with an agency that really cares. ”


By: Caitlin McDonald

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