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PeopleNZ deliver a business growth programme called The Elevater. The Elevater has been designed specifically for business owners of services companies. This model has been tested since 2014 in a variety of service industries, including Information Technology, Recruitment, Digital Marketing, Finance, Hospitality, Event Management and HR, with some outstanding success stories –

The Elevater Programme is a personalised solution: A one-on-one coaching and mentoring solution that’s tailored specially to your business.

There are two options within the personalised solution: the Clarity and Customised workshops.
• Clarity is an 10-month, 8 workshop programme that defines the vision and the roadmap for the business. This road map is aligned to your business and personal goals and helps to form your growth strategy.
• Customised is a 12-month, 10 workshop programme which includes Clarity but is more flexible. It is adapted to meet to your business priorities and requirements.

Our 2 ½-hour monthly workshops deliver the knowledge and information needed at key points in your journey. All workshops have a structured agenda that has been tried and tested and designed to deliver simple practical content with exercises and templates that leverage and build your knowledge and expertise on specific business components.

All workshops will be lead by Bruce Duncan. Bruce is the founder of PeopleNZ. He was successful in designing, building, growing and selling his professional services company over a 15 year period. Achieving national coverage, over $10 m in revenue with 30 permanent and 100 contracting staff, with an average tenure of 6 ½ years. Bruce has been through all the phases of building a successful business.

Average net profit % increase: 81%
Average revenue % increase: 71.5%
Average term: 24 months
Average net profit increase: $99 k
Average revenue increase $480 k

Net profit % increase: 115%
Revenue % increase: 50%
Term: 12 months 2016/17
Net profit increase: $220k
Revenue increase: $1.2 mil 

If your business is in the following stages of development we are very confident of maximising your performance and growth.

• You have a successful business but have no clarity on an exit strategy involving selling the business or creating passive income.
• You are in the 2 – 4 year honeymoon period of the business and you are stuck in 2nd gear
• You have a successful business and have been established for 5 years plus but the business requires reinvention.
• You have been through a growth stage but the business didn’t have the ability to maintain growth.
• You are a start up and you have the ability to invest in a tried and tested programme.


10 months, 8 workshops
2.5 hour monthly workshops
$1,680 monthly payment

12 month, 10 workshops
2.5 hour monthly workshops
$1, 480 monthly payment

Options to organise a PeopleNZ presentation:
• Call Bruce on 0800 838 888
• Email
• Go to and complete our online BizCheck to measure your business maturity.


“ We engaged People NZ to help develop a strategy to deliver upon our stated mandate for growth. Their facilitated engagement has enabled a deep level of clarity that has been instrumental in developing a framework to prioritise and execute programmes of work to achieve our goals. Their service is highly professional yet personal, they are experienced business people wo have been there and done it, therefore their understanding of the realities that challenge business owners and managers is acute. They bring a supportive positivity to all their engagement, even when challenging me to look beyond the obvious or to be more honest and apply a deeper level of introspection. I have personally learnt and grown as a General Manager through working with Bruce and the People NZ team. ”


By: Campbell Hepburn

“ People NZ have been a key part of our growth and maturing as a business. The services they provide in terms of mentoring, consultancy and advice are an important part of our planning for the future.

— BizCity approved

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“ Bruce is a one of a kind guy. He has an incredible knack to find the most valuable area of your business to work on next. In short, we couldn't have grown over 400% in three years if it wasn't for Bruce and the team at People NZ. ”


By: Tim Pointer

“ Bruce and the team provide a fantastic tailored service. He understands the professional services industry and their elevator programme take you through step by step the key aspects to running a business. ”


By: Mike Westbury

“ Im finding the sessions fantastic! really rewarding and giving me real focus on the areas of my business that has needed some work. ”


By: Matt McLaughlin